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Sofia after her foot surgery

Sofia thanks everyone who helped her find a new forever home!

"I'm waiting for my foot to heal."

We rescued our new rescue Bulldog, Sofia Tassel, September 14, 2013. She is now three years old. We thank Mary Aiken from Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue, Jennifer Joseph, and especially Suzy Holleran for helping us find our new family member. Sofia had foot surgery on her right hind foot in October 2013 to remove a fast-growing tumor from between her toe pads. She is such a sweet, gentle, friendly girl.

Sofia Tassel England

Suzy Holleran named me "Tassel" because I have a tassel-shaped beauty mark on left hip.

Santa gave me the best gift: A new forever home!

Rescue Bulldogs are the most lovable, grateful Bulldogs. They know they are special because someone gave them a wonderul, new forever home.

The Bullmina Foundation supports dog rescue organizations and promotes children's literacy.

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