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Chance, rehabilitated by Joanne Hale

Bulldogs have several health issues.

That's why so many of them are abandoned and left at shelters.

I will try to update this page with important health issues (such as the recent food recall).  Chance had severe skin problems, and the owners who abandoned him did not take care of his paws and nails.  Bulldogs are prone to allergies and stomach acid problems, so keep "dye-free" Benadryl and some Pepcid AC on hand.  Because Bulldogs are brachycephalic, with pushed-in noses and short snouts, they can have breathing problems.  Colds and flu viruses are especially hard on them because they snort and snore even when healthy.  Bulldogs cannot tolerate heat, so walk them early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler.  Needless to say, these dogs should never be left outside.

Bulldog puppies require a lot of care and vigilence.

Close-up of Chance's neglected nails and skin.

The links above are among my favorite sites for Bulldog health issues, information, and fun.  I've included the link to head tremors because "head shakes" are becoming more common in Bulldogs. Our rescue dog, Sofia Tassel, also has head tremors, and they can last several minutes. Her head usually bobs up and down, like really fast nodding. What causes them is unknown, but they are not life-threatening. If your dog does experience a head shake or tremor, please reference this link for more information. My thanks to Cathy Kittell for suggesting this link and to Kathy Jacobsen for writing the article.

There are many other wonderful websites out there that provide a wealth of information on dog health.  You can get a lot of information and make some new friend.  E-mail me at with some of your other favorites.

A healthy dog is a happy dog.

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