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2017: Lita and Rescue Bulldog, Sofia, toasting the new book

Born and raised in Redwood City California, Lita Eitner-England holds two degrees from San Jose State University.  She worked in Television and Film in San Francisco for several years before marrying her husband, Garonn.  Lita lives with her huband and daughter, Mica.  The late Tiffany Konishiki Bullman, or "Tiffy," is the beautiful, red brindle Bulldog sitting next to Lita, and, of course, she was the inspiration behind the Bullmina series.  Lita's third book in the Bullmina Trilogy takes place in contemporary America, introducing intriguing the Evers and Weinberg families and other intriguing characters. The Englands lost their belovedTiffy in 2009 to cancer. They adopted their rescue dog, Sofia, in 2013.

At the 2010 Division III Bulldog Specialty Show

At a book signing at the Northern California Division III Bulldog Specialty Show in Concord, California, Lita sold more than $500 worth of books. 100% of the book sale proceeds went directly to Northern California Bulldog Rescue. A big thanks to everyone who bought a book and for helping to support Bulldog rescue!

Lita and the late Tiffany Konishiki Bullman
2004: Courtesy of Laura Marshall Photography, San Jose, CA



This is Leslie Hoops-Wallace's beautiful drawing of Tiffy, which appears next to the dedication page in the first book.  With this illustration, Leslie won the job of illustrating the Bullmina series.   Leslie Hoops-Wallace is a well-known illustrator currently living in Georgia.  She graduated from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, has illustrated several books and teaches art classes in Georgia.  You may contact Leslie about her beautiful work at

The Bullmina Foundation supports dog rescue organizations and promotes children's literacy.

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