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Sequel Passages: Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue

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PASSAGE FROM Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue, Ch. 2, Lady Evelyn's Crusade....It made Lady Evelyn shudder to imagine what Bullmina had suffered in the dogfight pits. She reached down and caressed Bullmina's head, gently caressing the scars where the fur no longer grew on her forehead and jowls. Then she scratched behind Bullmina's right ear. Part of it was gone, bitten and torn off in one of Roger and Rigel Neemy's dogfights. There was another massive scar on Bullmina's neck, between her shoulder blades, a medal from a match she barely won. Trevor Sheffield, Bullmina's trainer at the Neemy Kennels, now worked for the Waverlys and told Lady Evelyn that Bullmina had lost a lot of blood in that particular match. Luckily, a veterinarian had been close by to help Trevor sew up the wound; they had to work quickly or Bullmina would have bled to death.

Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog...ALL BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

Piglet says, "I'll just take a little nap until my copy arrives."
Cassius arrives at Chathamworthshire.

Passage from Book II, Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue, Ch. 19, Cassius
Andrew Cameron, head rescue trainer, asked for a big ladle of water to quench his thirst as he waited until Lisette and Matthew were well out of sight. He threw a bit of the water on the back of his neck and mopped it off with a handkerchief.  "All right, men," he exhaled deeply.  "As ya can see, well 'ave ta step lively.  We'll open the back gate o' the rollin' crate 'n lasso 'im with the double-choke 'n leads from behind.  Once 'e's as stable as we can get 'im, I'll be wantin' a third lead on 'im as a precaution before we can take 'im out.  'E goes straight ta 'is kennel.  The one in the back corner, which Trevor's presently makin' ready.  Jimmy-Boy's the strongest, 'n 'e's puttin' 'is leather arm guards on.  Say a little prayer, mates."

When Lady Evelyn decides to open a "no-kill" rescue shelter at Chathamworthshire, she jeopardizes more than just her marriage to the Duke. When she takes in ailing Lisette St. Germaine and wounded Matthew Connors, she infuriates her arrogant niece, Beatrice. And her gifted young trainer, Trevor Sheffield, thinks she has finally gone too far when she brings Jared McCreath's Cassius to the estate. Chaos soon erupts, and the rescuers become the rescued with strength and forgiveness coming for the most unlikely sources, and resentment giving way to a renewed sense of purpose - all inspired by the courage of an aging Bullmina, and her unforgettable legacy. 

Bullmina's grandpuppies.
Ruby, one of the models for illustrations.

From Book III, Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog Comes Homes, Ch. 15, Letters and Memories

I looked over at Lyndsey. Her mind must have been whirling a mile a minute. Nonna Beppa must have noticed it, too. She slowly got up out of her chair and walked over to Lyndsey and pulled her aside. "Can I see you in the kitchen, dear?"

Lyndsey tried to muffle a sigh and followed her over to the kitchen. Bobbi and I looked at each other as I leaned over in the direction of the kitchen so I could hear what she was saying. 

"I suggest you check yourself, Mrs. Weinberg." Nonna Beppa's tone was a bit more stern than usual.

"Do we really have to get into this now?"

"Yes, we do. You think you know the whole truth about my family, but you don't. Carey says you're painting Matthew out to be some degenerate crook."

"I never said that!"

"Maybe you didn't say those exact words, but you were probably thinking it just the same. You won't know the truth about Matthew's intervention at that initial fight with the champion Pit Bull Cassius until you read all the letters. If Matthew hadn't been there to create a distraction, Bullmina might have died in the pit right then and there." 

Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog Comes Home is the final book in Lita Eitner-England’s Bulldog trilogy. Readers don’t need to have read the first two books in order to enjoy this last installment. More than 130 years have passed since Trevor Sheffield, Lisette St. Germaine, Matthew Connors, and their friends said goodbye to the Duke of Chathamworthshire’s first Bullmina in London and embarked on new adventures. We are now in Redwood City, California, home to Carey Evers and her dysfunctional parents. Carey’s grandparents’ family has a history of raising Bulldogs, but Carey’s abusive father, Hank, refuses to let Carey adopt even a rescue dog. Carey’s grandmother, the indefatigable Nonna Beppa, is the only person keeping Carey sane until Bobbi Weinberg and her family move in with a station wagon full of champion and rescue English Bulldogs.


Carey and Bobbi become fast friends, bonding over the dogs. Even Carey’s mentally ill mother, Liz, finds new motivation to live while helping Bobbi’s mother, Lyndsey, take care of the new litters and tend to the rescue Bulldogs. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes twice. Liz comes down with a catastrophic illness, and Hank is convicted of felony vehicular manslaughter. With the help of Bobbi’s father, Dr. Josh Weinberg, and both Lyndsey and Bobbi, Carey must navigate these uncertain waters and build a new future. She discovers that her life and Bobbi’s are more intricately tied together than she could ever have imagined, bringing new conflicts that threaten to tear both families apart until the unconditional love of an abandoned rescue Bulldog saves the day, and Bullmina’s legacy lives on for more generations to come.
Illustration for Payasito, "Little Clown"

 The third book also includes a bonus short story about an irresistible Siberian Husky named Payasito, “Little Clown”.
Thanks for all your don't realize how long it takes to write a book, especially one that is illustrated. Thanks to everyone is advance for their support, Lita.

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