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Ordering Books...E-Books available, too!

Personally autographed copies also available.

Tiffy thinks Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog would make a great gift!

There are several ways to order Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog and the sequel.

We deeply mourn the loss of Borders (one of our favorite places to browse), as well as many Barnes and Nobles (another favorite place to browse), but you can order the book directly through your local, independent retailer or on-line through Here are the ISBN numbers in case you need them:
HARDCOVER     1-4184-4509-6  -  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog
SOFTCOVER     1-4184-4508-8  -  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog
HARDCOVER     978-1-4490-8225-3   -  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue
SOFTCOVER     978-1-4490-8224-6   -  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue

E-Book ISBN Number: 1-4184-7093-7  -  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog

E-Book ISBN Number: 978-1-4490-8226-0  -  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue


But if you'd like your very own autographed copy, for yourself, or as a special gift for someone you treasure, 
e-mail the author at:

Payment can be made via, which is very safe, or by check.  Please specify to whom you want the book signed and whether you prefer hard cover or soft cover.

HARD COVER:     $30.00 (+ shipping and handling)

SOFT COVER:      $20.00 (+ shipping and handling)


Please specify which book, Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog or the new sequel, Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue. Books are shipped UPS ground or 2nd Day Air (extra). California residents please add 9.75 sales tax.

Remember, proceeds from every book sold are donated to animal rescue. And please encourage your neighborhood, mom-and-pop bookstores to carry the local, self-published authors in your area.  Now that so many bookstores are closing, it's next to impossible for local, resident authors to get their books out there. If you ask your independent bookstore to carry local, home-grown authors, they will!  Spread the word, and promote literacy in your area!

Student and group discounts available.


You can order Bullmina directly through the publisher, too.

To order the book directly from the publisher, Author House, click the link above.
The link will take you directly to their home page, and once you're there, click BOOK STORE.
You will have to type in either the AUTHOR NAME: Lita Eitner-England
or the BOOK TITLE:  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog  or  Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue.
Great news, presently we have plenty of stock on hand. To order directly from the Bullmina Foundation, e-mail


The Bullmina Foundation supports dog rescue organizations and promotes children's literacy.

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